Highly Sensitive People and Children

Also known as Sensory Processing Sensitivity , high sensitivity is a trait found in around 20 percent of the population.  Some characteristics associated with this trait include: processing information deeply, feelings emotions strongly, being easily moved / feeling empathy for people, animals, and the environment,  being sensitive to sensory input, and noticing subtleties in the environment.  Because HSP's notice more, feel more, and process deeply, they often feel drained and need more downtime than others. If this sounds like you or your child, visit  https://hsperson.com to learn more.  

Military Children and Families

Children of military families are often times resilient and adaptable.  However, they do face frequent adjustments including deployments, moving, changing schools, and developing new friendships. I am a certified clinical military counselor and have experience helping military children and their families with concerns associated with the military lifestyle. 

Play Therapy

    Play therapy is a well researched and effective tool to help children express, process, and cope with difficult feelings and experiences. Some benefits of play therapy include: learning social skills and developing empathy, facilitating creative problem solving, working through past traumatic or difficult experiences, boosting self-esteem, and improving relationships. While I am not a registered play therapist, I have extensive experience and training in play therapy, and frequently utilize these techniques in my counseling practice. 


initial assessment: $125

Individual sessions: $100

I am in-network with Cigna, United Healthcare / Optum, and Aetna. 

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